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How do I connect my GeniCan device to my GeniCan app?

Connect your GeniCan device by following the on-screen instructions in your GeniCan app
(available in the App Store and Google Play). Once you've created an account, simply tap the "+" in the Devices section on the app Home Page.

Please note:

• GeniCan must be connected to a 2.4Ghz wireless network.  GeniCan will not connect to a 5Ghz wireless network.

• SSID (network name) and network password are case sensitive.

How do I install and use GeniCan?

Installing and using GeniCan is easy.  Checkout this video to learn how to install your GeniCan device, take advantage of its barcode scanning and voice recognition features and start taking the chore out of your shopping! 

What do the different colored lights on my GeniCan mean?

Blue - GeniCan is waking from sleep

Green - GeniCan is ready for scanning

Red - GeniCan is recording audio

Where can I find the "Quickstart Guide" that shipped with my GeniCan?

Here it is:

GeniCan Quickstart Guide

GeniCan said "Oops, something went wrong, please contact Support@GeniCan.com". What should I do?

If you received this message when scanning the barcode at the end of the setup process, please ignore the message and scan your first item. In this case, please continue to the homescreen of your GeniCan app and scan your first item with your new GeniCan device.  If the item is added to your list, the setup process completed successfully and you can ignore this message.

In other cases, GeniCan typically returns this message when it is not connected to the internet. There are a few possible causes for this including:

  • Internet outage
  • Wifi network name or password were entered incorrectly when setting up your GeniCan
  • Your network settings have changed

If you are sure that your wifi network is working, please try these steps to reconnect your GeniCan to your network:

1. Delete the GeniCan device from your app by swiping right on the name of the GeniCan in the “Devices” section on the home page and tapping the garbage can icon.
2. Reset your GeniCan device by scanning this barcode:
GeniCan Reset Code
3. Once you’ve reset your GeniCan, simply tap the “+” icon in the “Devices” section on the home page in the app and you will be guided through the GeniCan setup process.
* Resetting your GeniCan device will not affect your shopping list(s).

I was not able to add my GeniCan during the intial setup process.

Please try to add GeniCan again by clicking the “+” in the Devices section on the home screen of your GeniCan app and following the onscreen instructions.  If you continue to have trouble connecting GeniCan, please send us an email at Support@GeniCan.com.

I am unable to connect my GeniCan device to multiple GeniCan apps.

Currently, GeniCan has the ability to connect to a single list and a single account.  Multiple GeniCans can be connected to the same list, and multiple shoppers can share the list that GeniCan is connected to, but currently one GeniCan cannot be used with multiple lists or multiple accounts. 

How do I clean my GeniCan device?

To clean your device, please wipe with a damp, non-abrasive cloth.  GeniCan is NOT dishwasher safe.

The GeniCan device and backer contain powerful magnets.

• Please be sure to keep the uninstalled device and backer plate away from children and pets.

• Please be aware of pinching your hand between the magnetic surfaces when installing.