Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I add an item to my shopping list using GeniCan?
To add an item to your shopping list simply swipe the item's barcode code past the barcode reader like you would do at the supermarket.  If your item does not have a barcode, simply hold the item, or your hand, in front of the scanner for 2 seconds.  When GeniCan does not sense a barcode it will ask "What may I add to your list?".  Tell GeniCan the item you would like to add to your shopping list and GeniCan will do the rest!
  • How does GeniCan work?
GeniCan uses multiple sensors to determine when a user intends to add an item to the grocery list.  Barcode readers, like the ones you use at the grocery store, are its primary way of identifying what should be added to the list. It also features a voice recognition system for items that do not have barcodes, so you can speak to it to add items to your list as well.
  • What if I throw something away that I don't want added to my list?
GeniCan only adds items that have been intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition.  If an item is simply tossed into the garbage can or recycle bin it will not be added to your list.
  • How long will the battery last?
Our current testing indicates that the battery will need to be charged once every several months.
  • How does GeniCan communicate with my smartphone?
GeniCan connects to your home wifi network to add items to the shopping list located in the GeniCan app on your smartphone.
  • Is there a plug-in version of GeniCan?
Yes, we designed GeniCan to function on battery or to be plugged in if there is power nearby. It’s flexible!
  • Will it fit my garbage can?
We have tested the GeniCan on square, rectangle, plastic, and metal garbage cans. All worked great. We also offer wall mounting and cabinet mounting for those who prefer to not to install in the garbage can. Round garbage cans are a little more challenging and results will vary based on outer thickness and the material of the can. A countertop bracket is coming as an accessory.
  • In what instances will I receive a notification from my GeniCan?
The GeniCan cloud service will notify you if your garbage can is full, when the battery is low, as well as if it has lost connection to the internet. Notifications for all events can be controlled on the app, or via your control panel online at
  • Is the app available yet? 
We are still testing the GeniCan app, but it will be available before we ship your GeniCan. Our earliest pre-order customers will receive the opportunity to try our beta app.
  • Will there be a charge for the app?

The app will be free of charge for GeniCan owners.  Customers without GeniCan hardware will be able to purchase the app for a small fee.

  • Can I share my grocery list with others in my family?
Yes, simply enter their email address in the setup page on the app. When they register their app, your grocery list will be available to them. Anyone in the family can then add/remove items from the list outside of the GeniCan.
  • How does the GeniCan install?
GeniCan has a magnetic mounting system. Simply dry fit the GeniCan and the included backer panel into your garbage can, or other installation location. Open and close the garbage can to assure the correct clearance. Mark the location of the backer panel, and remove both pieces. Remove the stickers protecting the adhesive pads on the backer and stick the backer to your install location. The GeniCan will now mount and dismount in a snap.
  • I rent my home/apartment. Can I move the GeniCan after installing?
Sure, simply use a flat head screwdriver to remove the backer from the original install location. To remount, purchase double sided mounting tape from your local hardware store or contact customer support for a new set. The leftover adhesive can be cleaned easily with a small amount of glue cleaning product.
  • Will the plastic bag hold?
This single feature was one we tested on many garbage cans. We are confident it will not cause any difference in the functionality of your bag. Switching to the next size larger bag typically fixes any rare issues.
  • I have a separate recycle bin. Can I have multiple GeniCans?
Multiple GeniCan devices can sync to a single grocery list. However, many users have a single GeniCan in which they “pre-scan” a product before placing it in the recycle bin. It’s the equivalent of adding the item to the paper list before or after recycling it.