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How do I add an item to my shopping list using GeniCan?
To add an item to your shopping list simply swipe the item's barcode code past the barcode reader like you would do at the supermarket. If your item does not have a barcode, simply hold the item, or your hand, in front of the scanner for 2 seconds. When GeniCan does not sense a barcode it will ask "What may I add to your list?". Tell GeniCan the item you would like to add to your shopping list and GeniCan will do the rest!

What if I throw something away that I don't want added to my list?
GeniCan only adds items that have been intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition. If an item is simply tossed into the garbage can or recycle bin it will not be added to your list.

How does GeniCan communicate with my smartphone?

GeniCan connects to your home wifi network (2.4ghz) to add items to the shopping list located in the GeniCan app on your smartphone.

Will it fit my garbage can?
GeniCan will install into most square and rectangle recycle/garbage bins.

Will GeniCan work outside the US?
While GeniCan will read UPC and EAN codes, our current database consists of US products and GeniCan currently uses English for voice recognition. Outside the US there will likely be a number of items that are not in the database the first time they are scanned. The GeniCan app allows you to add descriptions and images for any items that do not appear in the current database, so the next time an item is scanned it will be recognized.