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One Ingredient, Five Recipes: Bell Peppers

One Ingredient, Five Recipes: Bell Peppers

When I’m grocery shopping, I try to diligently stick to my premade list. But sometimes deals pop up at the store that I just can’t pass up. Often, sales require that you purchase a specific item in bulk, but it can be tricky to justify purchasing the item—especially if it’s fresh and expires in a short amount of time—when you’re not quite sure you won’t just waste the whole thing. Then that “money saved” turns into money in the garbage.

            In a new series of posts here at GeniCan (“One Ingredient, Five Recipes”), we offer up five different, tasty recipes that you can prepare throughout the week to make the most out of that one ingredient you purchased in bulk at the store.

Here we’ll explore bell peppers. The great thing about these peppers is that they’re extremely versatile, yummy, and can be enjoyed when cooked in a number of different ways. You’ll see bell peppers featured heavily in stores at this time of year, as their peak season is from July through November, so take advantage of sales of this produce to create these five tasty dishes.