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Beat The Heat in The Kitchen This Summer

Summer is around the corner, and the more the temperature rises, the harder it is to cook in the heat. Don’t get stuck sweating in the kitchen this summer! From no-cook recipes to alternative cooking methods, there are plenty of options to beat the heat in your kitchen!

 No-Cook Recipes: The easiest way to beat the heat is to keep the oven and stove off. No cook recipes go beyond salad, especially with easy add-ins like store bought rotisserie chicken. And don’t forget breakfast! Overnight oats or smoothies are a great way to make filling and delicious breakfasts without turning on the stove. The internet is full of recipes with no cooking required: Check out GeniCan on Pinterest for some recipes with no cooking required!

Use a Crock Pot: You can still cook without turning on the oven. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite meals throughout the summer by using smaller appliances. Taking advantage of a crock pot will let you cook a variety of flavorful meals without the extra heat.

Prepare Ingredients Properly: Get all of your cleaning, peeling, and chopping done before preheating the oven, so the heat isn’t building while you’re getting your meal ready. Chop and slice your ingredients into smaller pieces to reduce cooking time to keep the heat down as well.

Plan Meals Ahead of Time: Planning out meals in advance and preparing a few days worth of food at once is energy efficient and saves you from cooking throughout the week. Try and save cooking for the morning or later at night when it’s cooler.


Grilling Outdoors: Bring the heat of cooking out into the fresh air. There are a ton of meal options for grilling beyond burgers and your typical barbecue food… even fruit can be grilled! You don’t have to stick to your backyard either!  Many parks and beaches have grills, making an inexpensive and special dinner getaway.


Use a mix of these methods to keep cool throughout the summer, and enjoy some great seasonal meals!