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Freshen Up Your Garbage Can with These Sleek New Designs

Tired of that ugly garbage can monstrosity putting a damper on the beautiful design of your new kitchen? If you’re one of the many households who don’t have under-sink or in-cabinet garbage can hideouts, these sleek new designs can help turn that exposed garbage can blemish into a work of art.

Classic & Modern

Grossed out by the thought of having to touch that germ-filled garbage can lid? Then this is the perfect design for you. Simple Human’s touch-free “sensor can” opens at the mere whisper of, “Open can.” Wow! The classic brushed stainless steel surface and contemporary lines on this garbage can will allow it to fit seamlessly in your beautiful, modern kitchen.

Sculptured Masterpieces

For a little more beauty in your kitchen, try this offbeat but eye-pleasing can that will surely jazz up your cooking space. It’s the Essey “Bin Bin” trash can, and it’s designed to look liked a crumbled piece of paper—how cool is that? It’ll turn tossing out garbage from a chore into a fun game.

Fun Conversation Starter

Looking for a little bit more quirk for your kitchen space? Or maybe you just want to impress your Star Wars-obsessed friends? Try this! It’s an R2 D2 garbage can! Let me repeat. An R2 D2 garbage can! A hidden foot pedal makes this one easy to open, and R2 D2 can hold an impressive amount of trash.

Smells like Roses

No one likes a smelly trash can. Thankfully, this one comes with a built-in deodorizer. The iTouchless Deodorizer Sensor Trash Can might just be the perfect kitchen soul mate. Combined with the can’s simple and classic outer design, this is the ideal can for a busy kitchen (or, ahem, as an alternative to a diaper genie). Even if the garbage is at capacity (and that might take awhile, given the generous container space), it emits no smells. Perfect! Now if only our kids came with a built-in deodorizer…