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Stock Up! Must-Have Back-to-School Snacks to Have Around the House

Stock Up! Must-Have Back-to-School Snacks to Have Around the House

Is it just me, or do kids come home from school these days transformed into ravenous monsters? Their eyes wide and nostrils flaring, they make a beeline to your pantry or fridge and—before you can even ask about their day—they tear mouth-first into the snacks, barely coming up for air until their appetite is satiated. You swear you made them a large lunch, didn’t you? Regardless, it seems your food supply will be depleted before the week is out.

Here are some yummy (and healthy!) snacks to have around the house that might just buy you a few more days before a trip to the grocery store:

  1. Baby Carrots with Hummus

The water weight in baby carrots make them very filling. And their miniature size makes them an irresistible quick snack for dipping. If hummus doesn’t spice things up for the kids, try the old standard, Ranch dressing. Or a roasted garlic dip, or spinach and artichoke dip, or even a spicy salsa. The combinations are endless.

  1. Edamame

You can buy edamame frozen or fresh. Add a pinch of salt to boiling water, and then plop in the edamame in small handfuls. Boil for around 5 minutes (timing might differ depending on whether you got your edamame fresh or frozen). You want the beans to be firm with a slight give, not mushy, when done. Strain through a colander, and then lightly salt the edamame. Your kids will enjoy popping the beans out with their mouths and hands. Set the snack out with an extra bowl for the discarded bean shells.

  1. Peanut Butter Toast

Mmm… peanut butter. If your kids don’t have any allergy restrictions, this is a classic after-school snack that moms have been offering up for generations. And, let’s be honest, peanut butter on anything is good—bread, crackers, celery. This is a crowd-pleaser snack that’s guaranteed to hold the kids over until dinnertime. For an added taste bud tickler, top the snack with some banana slices.

  1. Apple Slices with Honey and Cinnamon

How does that saying go? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? This snack is cost-effective and requires minimal prep. Simply slice up an apple or two, shake on some cinnamon, and drizzle on some honey. This is the perfect combination of sweet, crisp, and crunch.

  1. Trail Mix

There’s a reason why hikers bring trail mix with them on their adventures—it packs a powerful protein punch and keeps you satisfied. Trail mix can be comprised of so many different combinations—you’re really only limited by your imagination. Some standard favorites include peanuts, M&Ms, raisins, and pretzels. Play around with the combinations that work for your family, and even engage your kids to help create the mix. This way they’ll enjoy both making and eating this classic snack.

Photo by CycloneBill / Flickr