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GeniCan and Amazon DRS - One Giant Step for Automatic Delivery!

What sounds better...

...driving to the store and back to pickup every little thing

...or having something you need show up on your doorstep automatically?  

GeniCan simplifies the lives of busy families, and nothing's simpler than having something ship right to your home.  Well guess what... Amazon just announced that they are partnering with GeniCan to automatically deliver items right from your garbage can or recycle bin!  It's called the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service and it's a huge step toward achieving our dream of revolutionizing the way people shop!

Imagine nationwide coverage for items you need, re-ordered the moment you dispose of them.  You determine which items are shipped automatically, then scan them with GeniCan, attend to your busy life, and let Amazon DRS bring them right to your door!

Amazon is selective about who it partners with and we couldn't be more excited!!  We're a great partner for them too!  GeniCan has the ability to order anything sold by Amazon easily and automatically.  Amazon even took the time to highlight GeniCan in this press release!

GeniCan, Amazon DRS and you - Let's all change the way we shop, together.


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