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Some Love from Architectural Digest

Some Love from Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest Jan 2016 Smart Kitchen Tech Feature

When we started GeniCan we knew we were onto something.  But along the way we've met people who have told us to keep to more traditional solutions, that we shouldn't attempt to be too disruptive, that "this is not the time".

And we think to ourselves, this is the BEST time.  The entire world is exploding with creativity. So many ideas are becoming reality so quickly and that is nothing short of inspirational.  If you wish your TV, or your smartphone, or your KITCHEN could do something they are currently not capable of, now is the time for you to make it happen.

Even today people tell us to give up, that it's impossible to really change anything.

But you know what, we've had more people tell us the opposite.  They tell us to keep pushing forward.  They tell us they get it and they love it and this is one of those products that's perfect for its time.  Thank you to everyone that has believed in us to this point and thank you Architectural Digest for joining them.  

We're still on our journey.  And we're grateful.

(If you are an Architectural Digest subscriber, you can find the feature on page 72 of the January 2016 issue.  We will also post a link to the feature once it becomes available online.)


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