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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Earth Day Friendly

Go beyond the recycling bin to go green in your kitchen this Earth Day! From minimizing food waste to reducing the energy used in the kitchen, these tips are both great for the earth and for your pocket!

  1. Keep Food Fresh Longer: Storing food properly and understanding the shelf life of perishable items will help you keep your food fresh for as long as possible. Check out this infographic for a great visual on how to store common groceries.
  2. Buy Only What You Need: If you only buy what you need, you won’t be stuck with extra groceries that will spoil before you can use them. Using your grocery list will make it much easier to buy the right groceries.
  3. Grow an Herb Garden: Indoor plants are great for improving air quality. Growing some herbs in your kitchen will do just that, and improve the flavors of your favorite dishes!
  4. Reuse: Keep reusable shopping bags in your car so you won’t forget them, helping you save on paper and plastic consumption.
  5. Save Energy While Cooking: If cooking a smaller meal, opt for using a toaster oven, slow cooker, or microwave instead of the oven. This uses less energy, and less heat, which is great for keeping your home cooler during the spring and summer!
  6. Save Energy from Your Fridge: Leaving your refrigerator doors open while you’re checking what you need to buy at the store? With GeniCan, you’ll add items to your grocery list as you put them in the recycling bin or trash, stopping you from wasting energy with an open fridge or freezer.
  7. Cut Back on Packaging: At the grocery store, opt to buy foods with less packaging for less waste. For example, buy fruit whole instead of pre-cut in plastic disposable containers, or buy your snacks in larger quantities to separate into reusable containers, instead of individually bagged.
Implement these tips to help the earth without making major changes to your daily routine. Make your kitchen a little greener this Earth Day, and keep it up throughout the year!


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