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The GeniCan Story - Part 1

The GeniCan Story - Part 1

GeniCan was invented to solve one simple problem: forgetfulness.  Or more specifically, forgetfulness as it relates to grocery shopping...

I used to get a lot of texts from my wife while she was at the store. "Hey can you send me a pic of the grocery list? :)".  Talking with friends made me realize that leaving the grocery list at home was an issue for other shoppers too.  Then there's the issue of going to the store without a complete list, which means coming home without those things that never got added to the list.  Things like the ketchup my kids used up and didn't tell anyone about, or the eggs I finished and meant to add to the list but never did.

I knew there was a problem to solve here and with IoT and "smart" homes becoming a reality, it seemed like now was the time.  But how could I solve this problem in the simplest way possible?

It was while watching my son throw away one of those ketchup bottles that the answer came to me.  Of course!  The best time to capture those items for the shopping list is the second you throw them away!  So obviously the best spot for the device was the garbage can and/or recycle bin.  And automatically adding those items to a list on your smartphone would mean that the updated shopping list would always be with you when you needed it.

That was back in the fall of 2013.  By January 2015, with a couple of years of product development, several prototypes, and customer validation under my belt, I formed an amazing team to bring GeniCan to life.

That was the beginning.  So much has happened since then and there is so much to look forward to.  We hope you join us on this journey by checking in, interacting with us and pre-ordering GeniCan.


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