Barcode scanning and voice recognition directly on your bin to help you save time and money. It’s your grocery list made easy.

Attaches to your garbage can or recycle bin

Scan items where you are already disposing of them, making it a seamless integration into your routine.

See your list instantly on any device

Scanned items are saved to a shopping list on your smartphone or delivered directly through Amazon Dash.

No barcode? No problem.

Hold an item over your GeniCan and you will be prompted to say what item you want to add to your list.

Skip the store all together

Authorize individual items to reorder automatically with Amazon Dash Replenishment. Just scan and the item will ship right to your doorstep.

Great for the Home or Office

GeniCan Animation
  • Save Time

    Be more organized so you’re in and out of the store faster. Quickly organize your shopping list by category or aisle, eliminating the back and forth in the store.

  • Less Stress

    No more extra trips because someone bought the wrong thing. Your up-to-date shopping list can be shared in the GeniCan app ensuring you won’t need to make a second trip – no matter who does the shopping.

  • Save Money

    Stop buying what you don’t need. Get a detailed description of scanned items right on your smartphone to avoid confusion or buying the wrong thing.

  • Less Frustration

    Receive text message alerts when the garbage can is full. No more reminding someone to take the trash out.

See GeniCan in Action